ADVAYA® (Wellness Activator)


Advaya® (U.S. Patent 7,867,524 B2, Canadian Patent 2,639,895) is an all-natural product that improves the internal environment of the body, thus enabling all biochemical reactions to take place more efficiently. It works at the cellular level to oxygenate, alkalize and energize – and much more.



Image on left was taken by darkfield microscopy of the live blood cells of an 87-year old woman. Image on right was taken of the same woman’s blood cells after she had been taking 5 tablets of ADVAYA® per day for 30 days.

ADVAYA® is in a league of its own. All other supplements are intended to improve a specific condition, system or function. ADVAYA® improves the body’s entire biochemistry by providing cells with the ideal environment they need for optimal health and functioning. Improves oxygenation and alkalinity, increases cellular efficiency, boosts metabolism, strengthens blood cells, reduces toxicity, improves immunity. Vitalizes, energizes, and rejuvenates the entire body. Cells become biologically younger. At age 64, David Rowland won a karate tournament (in the over 35 category). David gives much of the credit for his win to ADVAYA®, which he took for 3 months prior to the competition.

INGREDIENTS INCLUDE: Goji fruit (Lycium barbarum), Red Clover (Trifolium pretense), Fo Ti (Polygonum multiflorum), Betaine, Trace Minerals. Each tablet provides 561 mg. of this PATENTED formulation.

RECOMMENDED INTAKE: 5 tablets daily, in divided amounts with meals, for one month. Thereafter, 3 tablets daily.