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Bridging the gap between traditional medicine and modern technology

A Healthy Solution for you aims to combine the best of the traditional medicine with modern technologies in order to provide you with the best health & wellness services possible. For this purposes we use a high end diagnostic device mentioned here:

Quantum Magnetic Resonance Analyzer – am I healthy?

QMRA is a non-invasive spectral testing method that allows for multiple health indicators to be obtained accurately in a matter of minutes. It will give you an overall sense of your health state.

How it works?

In principle, QMRA is not much different than more common medical diagnostic techniques such as ultrasonic or radiography. As they grow and divide, human cells constantly radiate electromagnetic waves. The frequencies of these waves tell us a lot about the state of your body, including health, sub-health and disease states. Your individual QMRA readings are loaded into a comprehensive database and compared to a large number of clinical cases, leading to high accuracy. For instance, QMRA can give us a reading of your cholesterol levels without actually taking a blood sample.

Analysis and reports

Quantum Magnetic Resonance Analyzer checks for over 30 different health indicators, like blood sugar, gastrointestinal system, kidneys, cholesterol levels, etc., providing you with the most complete analysis of your overall health state.

What next?

The diagnostic consultation is completed with Cassie Landolfi, a Homeopath and Certified Live Blood Cell Microscopist practices by appointment on Saturday afternoons between 12 and 4 pm. Cassie will help you understand the results and provide you with suggestions on how to improve your health. You will also receive the full written report.


This helps in identifying the root causes of diseases and potential or existing illnesses by analyzing different vibrations of our cells. 28 reports are given on organs and body systems functioning as well as vitamins and mineral analysis, also toxins and heavy metals level.

This diagnostic helps in early detection of sickness even when there is no symptoms yet.

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