Appointment duration: 10 Weekly Sessions – 1hr Each
(plus cost of supplements)


Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

In fact, outstanding laboratory work in the field of Nutritional Environmental Medicine has shown that the extreme fatigue experienced by CFS sufferers is a result of a dysfunction in their cells energy production mechanism.

The common factors that contribute to fatigue include:

1. Prolonged mental and/or physical exertion
2. Injury, surgery or accident
3. Acute or chronic infections as well as altered intestinal bacteria
4. Food sensitivities or intolerances
5. Hormone imbalance
6. Heavy metal and chemical toxicity
7. Excess exercise and prolonged physical exertion
8. Blood sugar irregularities
9. Sleep difficulties
10. Thyroid dysfunction
11. Subclinical or clinical iron deficiencies

Our approach to diagnosing and treating the causes of your chronic fatigue/fibromyalgia commences with a program of diagnostics and proven therapies.

Our program’s focus is on increasing the available oxygen and ATP at the cellular level initially so that symptom improvement is seen at the same time that causative factors are addressed.

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