A Healthy Solution for you! I have been participating in the Rebounding “Bellicon” classes usually 2 times a week since January. The classes exercises vary each time with some aerobics, yoga, pilates, weights and an exercise ball and I feel I am getting a really nice work out each class.  I feel that I am doing something good for me and my body.

You should come out and try a class, you will get hooked.


Hey Cassie …I am loving this trampoline its nice being able to bounce whenever you have some free time and not having to even leave the house to do it; so glad you started renting them out with the DVD. Please keep me in mind whenever the tramp is free and I will rent it from you again.


Your Homemade natural laundry  soap is heavenly …the smell!  Thanks for handing out samples to the class today, let me know when the retail sizes are available, these are great for gifts too.

And today I  edged the front  garden and shoveled  over a yard of soil and I  don’t  feel the ill effects! Cassie, I  can’t  thank you enough!   I  never felt unwell but I  realize after your rebounding classes  that I was complacent. Thanks again!


Best workout I have ever done. The energy felt after a session is fabulous. Feel alive. So easy on the joints. I’m hooked! Thanks to Cassie for making the classes fun! Always feel comfortable going there. Such a pleasure to bounce with ❤


Cassie, I would like to thank you for getting me off my butt and moving again. I used to be very active and would do the gym 2 to 3 times a week, but for the past 3 years that has stopped. I’m intimidated by the large gyms and faster pace, now that I am 50+

I’m thankful for being introduced to your Bellicon classes. My Cardio has improved, it used to be terrible; And my balance and coordination has gotten better too.

The Bellicon is easy on the joints and I feel that I’m still working hard, as I’m usually sweating by the time I’m done. The older we get, the harder it is to keep fit. By getting out to ‘bounce’ a couple of times a week, is key to a healthy future.


I’ve been attending Cassie’s Bellicon classes for two months.  It’s a very vigorous work out without the painful recovery, which you often find with traditional fitness classes on hard surfaces.  I am pleased with the overall results.  Not only have I toned up, but I also feel stronger and more relaxed.  I actually look forward to my classes!


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