The Politics of Beauty + Advocating for Better

I have a few health and fitness habits that are so engrained that I don’t even think twice about them now like drinking a full glass of water as soon as I wake up. Scanning ingredients labels on food at the grocery store. Doing A couple full Sun Salutation sequences before leaving the house in the morning. Checking beauty products for parabens. And the other day, I took a face serum out of the box and automatically scan the label for parabens; And then I realize that it was completely unnecessary because it was from BeautyCounter.

All our beauty products should be like that, we shouldn’t have to scan them to make sure they don’t have ingredients link directly to cancer. We shouldn’t Have to worry about heavy metals in our make-up. We shouldn’t have to wonder if our make-up and the stuff we use on our entire body and our families body every day is toxic. Some people argue, well we don’t really know if these ingredients cause issues my thoughts; I’d rather not push my luck. That’s why I love BeautyCounter’s Never List because I know I don’t have to scan the ingredients of the BeautyCounter products.

Join the movement as a BeautyCounter Consultant.

You can help make change in the industry while making extra money for whatever goals your family has — taking vacation with your kids, paying your mortgage, paying off debt, reducing the need for student loans, extra shopping money. These are all things the people on my Team do with their BeautyCounter income and it’s amazing to see the personal growth, financial freedom and confidence they gain growing a business for a good cause.



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