27 Reasons To Use Aluminum Free Deodorant

It wasn’t so long ago that when you got to the end of your deodorant stick, and felt the plastic applicator scratch against your armpit, all you had to do was go down to the local drug store and look at the wall of different deodorants that were available for you, and...

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Do You Know How Sugar Impacts the Skin?

It’s startling how much sugar we consume in a given day. And it all adds up to affect not only the waistline, but also your skin. When we consume sugar, or high-glycemic foods that convert to sugar – our bodies break them down into glucose. Glucose raises insulin...

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Gummy Vitamins – Caution!

Recently we have been seeing some very rapid decay in kid’s teeth due to Gummy Vitamins. They’re the newest entry into the Dental Hall of Shame. Well-meaning parents have been scammed into thinking these are good for children, or adults. These tend to get jammed in...

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A Holistic Approach To Managing Stress

I’m a firm believer in a holistic approach to treating anxiety and stress. There’s most likely more than one reason why you feel anxious and there’s more than one way to fix it! There’s so many things that can cause anxiety to crop up in your body.  It could be partly...

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How To Use Lavender Oil

Lavender Essential Oil is one of the most used essential oils on the earth.  If you were to ask an essential oil expert what oils to start out with this would surely be at the top of their list.  It is a very versatile oil and extremely safe as well. Lavender oil can...

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