Cassie Landolfi

Cassie Landolfi

B.A. and Registered Homeopath, HOM, Live Blood Cell Microscopist, Nutritionist, Yoga Instructor and Certified Bellicon Instructor.

Are you tired of feeling bad, not having enough energy, and not being able to lose weight? Are you sick of trying to solve these issues yourself, trying traditional medicine, and taking too many prescription medications – and none of it is working?

Cassie Landolfi, a life-long resident of Bradford, West-Gwillimbury, offers a natural, holistic, and proactive approach to health. When community members contact her to ask health questions and to seek solutions, whether to lose weight or regain energy, Cassie listens and advises on individualized treatment plans.

Cassie is registered with the College of Homeopaths of Ontario. Clients can use company benefits to be reimbursed for the cost, or a percentage of the cost, of their visit with A Healthy Solution for You, which will provide insurance company papers with the name and registration number.

After graduating from The Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine in Toronto, and becoming a Certified Live Blood Cell Microscopist and Nutritionist, Cassie has been a devoted educator in spreading wellness with homeopathy and nutrition. She offers services including live blood cell analysis (live blood microscopy), nutritional body scans, homeopathy, and  Yoga classes.

Cassie is a certified Yoga Instructor and a member of the Yoga Alliance community. Her one-of-a-kind fitness studio presents a carefully selected range of Yoga classes to relax and calm even the most intense person. 

Cassie Landolfi        www.ahealthysolutionforyou.com         905-715-6443

Email:[email protected]


Insurance company papers with name and registration number will be provided. You can use company benefits to be reimbursed for the cost or a percentage of the cost of your visit.


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